Asian Nuclear Business Platform Boost Asia's Nuclear Industry

Asian Nuclear Business Platform Boost Asia's Nuclear Industry

Listrik Indonesia | The Asia Nuclear Business Platform (ANBP) conference was held for the 8th time and Indonesia hosted the cross-country conference with the theme 'Assess & Access The Nuclear Market in Asia'.


Managing Director of Industry Platform, Mr. Zaf Coelho said the ANBP conference was held with the aim of developing the nuclear potential of Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand where countries have raw materials and potential areas to develop.


Therefore, the Asia Nuclear Business Platform invites energy investors from various countries that have already implemented nuclear projects to see the nuclear potential in ASEAN.


 “We know that the issue of climate change is the duty of world leaders to make energy transitions in their countries. Nuclear is a clean energy that can operate 24 hours. Using nuclear for electricity can reduce carbon emissions,” said Zaf.

Managing Director of Industry Platform, Mr. Zaf Coelho


Not only that, said Zaf, this event initiates nuclear development in ASEAN and shows the latest nuclear technologies that have been used in developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan.


"Basically, the issues that hinder nuclear development in ASEAN countries are no longer about investment, technology, and regulation. But the top-level leaders who have not fully supported this nuclear development," he said on the sidelines of ANBP. Tuesday, (1/11/2022).


According to Zaf, currently ASEAN countries are starting to be interested in nuclear development, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. He appreciated the Indonesian government and PLN for making a nuclear roadmap in 2060. This means that there is seriousness in building the country's future energy.


"My hope is that this ANBP will have a positive impact and strengthen its commitment to developing nuclear nearby," Zaf hoped.

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