IT PLN Develops Anti-Covid 19 Innovation

IT PLN Develops Anti-Covid 19 Innovation
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Listrik Indonesia | Covid-19 Pandemic still exists in the middle of our society. Various countries continue to take steps to battle this new type of corona virus, ranging from research to seeking alternative treatments, to some attempts to find vaccines.


Various innovations have been offered to fight this pandemic. One of them came from the PLN Institute of Technology, which is developing a treatment innovation based on electric current. The Infected patient will be electrified to destroy the protein that protects the Covid-19 virus.


Dr. Ir. Soetjipto Soewono, Dipl. GE., Deputy Rector of Cooperation and Admission, said this innovation was motivated by a thought from the point of view of the weakness of the Covid-19 virus. "The Covid-19 virus has a disadvantage in its protein wrapping. The protein can be destroyed by electricity at levels that are safe for humans”, said Soetjipto, during an audition with the Jakarta Public Health Office, in Jakarta, Monday (7/27/2020).


He continued, the Corona virus entered the human body through the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then enter the throat and infect organs. The Corona virus is wrapped by protein and will develop when it encounters the furin which is found in many tissues of human body organs, including the lungs, liver, and small intestine. "So, the infection occurs and will spread to various organs of the human body. According to WHO, the respiratory organs are the main target of the corona virus infection”, he explained.


The Corona virus in the human body is not only performs replication, but also mutation. One thing that makes many people worry about Covid-19 is because there are no drugs or vaccines that are specifically intended to overcome and prevent this disease. "Even if the vaccine is found there is a possibility that it cannot be used universally because of the mutation event", said Soetjipto.


One way to destroy the protein that wrapped the Corona virus in patients with Covid-19 is by channelling an electric current to the patient's body with some limitations on human resistance to electric current.


Human body electrical resistance is between 1200-5000 Ohms, and 10 mA current can pass through the human body indefinitely, so the safe voltage is 10 mA x 1200 Ohm for wet body condition, and 10 mA x 5000 Ohm for dry body condition. "Then, the safe voltage without time limit for alternating current in dry conditions is 50 volts and 12 volts in wet conditions. Thus, the voltage limit given is 50 volts and 10 mA for the current ", explained Soetjipto.


Soetjipto added, by channelling the electric current into the body of the Covid-19 patient, it is expected that the Corona virus protein layer that attaches in the organs will be destroyed and the patient will recover. "A collaboration between health and electricity disciplines needs to be developed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, a joint team needs to be formed, especially those from the Ministry of Health, so that this innovation is proven to be safe, does not cause side effects, and is in accordance with the regulations", said Soetjipto.

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