ORMAT Commitment to Advance Indonesia's Geothermal Industry

ORMAT Commitment to Advance Indonesia's Geothermal Industry
Listrik Indonesia | Ormat Technologies Inc. through its representatives in Indonesia Ormat Geothermal Indonesia has a great commitment to advancing the geothermal industry in Indonesia. 

Tali Michaeli, Marketing Specialist of Ormat Geothermal Indonesia, said that ORMAT is currently the number one geothermal player in the world. The presence of ORMAT in Indonesia certainly brings good changes in advancing the geothermal industry. 

ORMAT is committed to exploring and developing geothermal resources around the world. As for activity in Indonesia, it is an attractive market with significant resources, there is also strong government support, so it will help to achieve the company's growth plans. 

"Indonesia has enormous geothermal potential. This is a special concern for ORMAT to carry out major expansion in Indonesia," said Tali. Friday,(16/9/2022).
ORMAT came to Indonesia with the latest technologies for the geothermal industry. In the records of Listrik Indonesia, one of the many ORMAT technologies is Binary Technology. Where this technology is suitable to be applied in Indonesia. The reason is that the remaining geothermal fields in Indonesia are medium – low temperature. So that Indonesia must start utilizing geothermal reservoirs with low-medium temperature. The binary technology that ORMAT provides is the most appropriate technology for use in Geothermal reservoirs with low-medium temperature.

In addition, ORMAT also has a technology for utilizing waste heat from industry or what is called ORMAT Energy Converter which can be used as electricity. 

"We can manufacture these technologies and we have qualified engineers. With more than 50 years of experience, we want to provide education to Indonesia for geothermal development,". 

Development & Expansion 

ORMAT in a consortium with Sarulla to develop a 330 MW geothermal power plant in Sumatra which has been operating since 2017. The 330 MW Sarulla power plant, sells its power to the state-owned PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) under a 30-year Energy Sales Contract. Not long ago a new ORMAT expansion contract was signed for the planned expansion of the Salak geothermal field in Indonesia with Star Energy Geothermal. 

The new 14 MW Salak geothermal power plant will use the air-cooled Ormat Energy Converter and will allow for 100% re-injection of geothermal fluids that serve to support the reservoir and generate electricity without environmental impact. 

"Ormat Technologies is already active in Indonesia, being part of a consortium that builds and operates geothermal power plants," said Tali.
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